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End-to-end off site dishwashing services for Singapore’s F&B industry.
Send your crockeries to our centralised washing facility to clean.

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Assurance You Get

Your concern is our priority. Our experience has lead us to handle all the problems effectively.

Satisfaction Guaranteed + Consistency

24/7 Integrated Dishwashing Facilities

Attractive Rates Similar To Hire Your Own

Licensed & Insured Dishwashing Services

How Washing Process Works?

Send your dirty crockeries to our centralised dishwashing facility and return clean set to you without fail.


We will collect the dirty/soiled items from your outlet and send to our washing facility daily.


Wash, rinse, sanitise with high heat + QC treatment at our facility

Sorting & Packing

All cleaned items will be sorted and packed nicely to avoid contamination.


Return of sparkly clean & sanitised crockeries to your site.

Words by Our Customers

We constantly seek feedback from our customer so that we know where to benchmark our service standard. This is an addition to the different expectation and requirement set by different customers.

Who we are as a company?

Higiene was incorporated as a centralised dishwashing company focusing on strategic implementation of technologies to replace old processes, improving productivity and efficiency in the Food and Beverage industry. We operate 365 days a year to provide you the business continuity that you require. We are also a sister company to a well established cleaning company in Singapore.

Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. All feedbacks are taken in transparently and discussed seriously so that we can offer a better processes and services consistently.

Integrated Staffing and Kitchen Solution is one of those projects we are working on.


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